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Because a dining area is so much more than just somewhere to serve food, Venjakob has given the tasteful table an upgrade. Venjakob NEXT LEVEL 3000 gives a new face to the classic coffered look when furnishing, and attracts the eye to the lines and material. Cabinets, lowboard and shelving element in the dining area appeal with their elegant solid wood fronts in light wild oak, which are always oiled and soft brushed several times at Venjakob.

Exquisite furniture combinations: Chair ELINA, dining table ARA and single bench P7 complement cabinets and sideboards NEXT LEVEL 3000 perfectly.
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Warm, homely and harmonious: coffered doors and natural materials, skilled craftsmanship and warm wood.

Spacious fully-extending drawers offer room for everything you want to store. A gentle touch is all it takes to operate the self-closing mechanism.

The head end of the FEE dining table extends to 320 cm in just three easy steps to make room for up to 14 people.

Large groups welcome. Thanks to the extending tabletops, dining table FEE is excellent company.

There's plenty of storage space thanks to the practical drawers with elegant wood fronts in light wild oak, soft brushed and oiled.

NEXT LEVEL 3000 unfolds a stylish lightness on wooden frames. They are available as an option - let us advise you.
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  • Wild oak light soft brushed oiled finish