What our tables have to offer,
falls under the table elsewhere.

Sure: you can get a table anywhere. Four legs, wood, done. Maybe you just need to quickly screw it together yourself. And then the topic of the table is off the table. Here we show why it makes a lot of sense to look at the subject of tables in a completely different way. Because every Venjakob table beautifully demonstrates how we think at Venjakob. More sustainable. Obsessed with quality. And always with a clear focus: on the people who ultimately sit at this table. You. And your loved ones.

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The best table for the environment is the table, that you do not replace.

As a company whose products are at the centre of our lives every day, we attach particular importance to sustainability. A look at our comprehensive catalogue of measures shows this: in material purchasing, in production and in our vehicle fleet. All of this is right and good. But the best thing we can do for the environment at Venjakob is something else: building tables that last so long that they simply don't need to be replaced. Because every table that doesn't have to be rebuilt saves resources. And that's why Venjakob tables are true generational tables.

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Even if you see your Venjakob generation table for the first time in a furniture exhibition: We didn't build it for that. And not for fancy glossy pictures either. And not for great design awards, even if they are well deserved. But for: Eat. To drink. Dancing on the table. Crumbling around. Accidentally scratching it. Sitting on it. Painting. Crafting. Putting things on it. In short: to live on. That is our idea of lifestyle. If it's yours too, then your table is a Venjakob.

Quality shows a table on top,
underneath and inside.

We got the first patent for an extending table in the 1930s. A long time ago. But we have made good use of the time since then. The result is folding and extending mechanisms that are unparalleled in their sophistication. Nothing hangs, nothing jerks. The mechanism glides smoothly, design and functionality merge perfectly. And on top of that? The best-finished, feel-good surfaces and high-quality woods. Because that's what the fingertip feels - every day.

Tables for generations

dining table DALO* ET614
dining table RID* ET114
dining table YON* ET182
dining table MEC* ET371
dining table MEC* ET373
dining table ALO* ET383
dining table ALO* ET384
dining table DALO* ET612
dining table DALO* ET613
dining table KID* ET136 | solid
dining table MIO PLUS* ET236
dining table RENO* ET292
dining table CHIC* ET677 | solid
dining table CHIC* ET674 | solid
dining table BIG* ET243 | solid
dining table PUH* ET354
dining table SAM* ET262
dining table KLU* ET159 | solid
dining table CHIC* ET672
dining table LEO* ET651
dining table PUH* ET352
dining table ARA* ET565
dining table RED* ET248 | solid
dining table ARA* ET561
dining table PUH* ET357 | solid
dining table HOM* ET558
dining table FIN* ET324 | solid
dining table RUSS* ET312
dining table ELA* ET282
dining table RUSS* ET317 | solid
dining table RUSS* ET314 | solid
dining table RON* ET116 | solid
dining table KLU DEKOR* ET158
dining table MULTIFLEX*
dining table RON* ET116
dining table MULTIFLEX* | solid
dining table DUE* ET179
dining table CHI* ET204
dining table SID* ET276
dining table KLU* ET159
dining table SID* ET276 | solid
dining table FIN* ET324
dining table ZAK* ET254 | solid
dining table SOL* ET242 | solid
dining table CEO* ET244
dining table LID* ET634
dining table JOL* ET642
dining table SUN* ET587 | solid

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