Living Rooms Program
V-Plus 3000.

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The Scandinavians show us how to do home living. An original design that V-PLUS 3000 quotes in the most beautiful solid wood look: no-frills harmony in light wild oak, soft brushed and oiled, and presented naturally. Because the perfect interplay between form, surface and light defines a room, and makes the attitude to life the paramount consideration. This is how to furnish if you want to make the living room a natural relaxation zone.

V-PLUS 3000 enables a wide range of furniture combinations. Everyone will find their favourite option: lowboards, highboards, shelving and display cabinets.
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Minimalistic design can most definitely be generously proportioned: V-PLUS 3000 offers plenty of storage space for everything that is important to you.

Discover our table range as well: perfectly matched coffee tables are available with attractive table tops, and integrate harmoniously with the rest of the room.

Delicate grip ledges are used on flaps and doors, and add to the artisanal nature of the furniture.

Everything neat and tidy; everything brightly lit: look forward to the integrated LED lighting lighting that shows vases, glasses and books at their very best.

And if you like, the drawers can be delivered with the appropriate inserts. Incidentally, a gentle touch is all it takes to operate the self-closing mechanism.

Large glass elements act like a continuous glass band, and form a contrast to the largely natural wild oak.
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coffee table ANDROS* 4138
side table ANAFI* 4133
coffee table ANAFI* 4135
coffee table ELBA* 4902

Used materials
at the Living Rooms-Program V-Plus 3000


  • Wild oak light soft brushed oiled finish


* The model names are not a brand name, but an order indicator to distinguish the individual products in our collection.

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