V-Plus 3000.

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Scandinavia is something of a pioneer when it comes to home comfort, and for good reason. Which is why V-PLUS 3000, with its solid wood fronts, is aimed at this particular love for naturalness. After all, the most sociable times are spent around the dining table. Experience the time spent together in a harmonious environment in light wild oak that is soft brushed and oiled. After all, the dining area itself should be as much a part of the enjoyment as the dishes being served. Because good design is more than "just beautiful".

Minimalist design, generously implemented: chair LILLI PLUS and dining table ARA mesh perfectly with cabinets and sideboards in the oiled finish wild oak light soft brushed with integrated glass elements.
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It's up to you how many people you set the table for: dining table ARA extends to 320 cm in moments if you're expecting more guests.

Thanks to the integrated loops, extending the table is as easy as ABC. A quick movement of the hand, and dining table ARA increases the number of places on your guest list.

From now on, there's perfect clarity in the cutlery drawer. Thanks to the fully-extending drawers that close gently all by themselves.

Everything neat and tidy; everything brightly lit: look forward to the integrated LED lighting that shows vases, glasses and books at their very best.

Delicate grip ledges are used on flaps and doors, and add to the artisanal nature of the furniture.
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chair + armchair Lilli Plus
chair 2131 Elina
chair 2132 Elina
chair 2136 Elina
dining table ET116 Ron
dining table ET561 Ara

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  • Wild oak light soft brushed oiled finish


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