Living Rooms Program
next level 3000.

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NEXT LEVEL 3000 is about one thing above all else: making quality of life evident in every detail and recess. The special feature here lies in the combination of elegant wood fronts in light wild oak, soft brushed and oiled, and clever lighting that reinterprets the homely country-house style. The classic coffered look meets clear design, and emphasises the timeless character of cabinets, lowboards and shelving elements. The wooden surfaces are oiled and sanded several times, and offer you "feel-good living".

Furniture in its most natural form, plenty of storage space and fabulous ambient lighting that is effortlessly controlled by means of the Touch-Light sensor bar.
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Your new shelving element seems to float on light: the perfect spot for your prettiest vases and memorabilia, books and little plants.

Wonderfully practical: the integrated cable shaft hides the things you don't want to be looking at all the time and disturb the overall appearance.

A tilting, swivelling TV wall bracket with a wooden cable panel is optionally available. An IR repeater can be integrated on request.

Aesthetic showcases: the large glass elements are made of grey tinted parsol glass - for light accents that bathe your rooms in warm light.

Space for all sorts of bits and pieces: the smooth-running drawers take care of the storage behind solid wood fronts in wild oak.

NEXT LEVEL 3000 unfolds a stylish lightness on wooden frames. They are available as an option - let us advise you.
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coffee table ANAFI* 4135
coffee table ANDROS* 4138
side table ANAFI* 4133

Used materials
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  • Wild oak light soft brushed oiled finish


* The model names are not a brand name, but an order indicator to distinguish the individual products in our collection.

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