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Sentino 3000.

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the home can be as LOVELY AS THIS

Let's start on the surface: with lacquered slate grey matt and lacquered crystal white matt. Witness a genuine Venjakob classic that shines with spectacular prospects and transparent perspectives. Fascinating: the integrated wrap-around glass doors. Exciting: the stylish material combinations. Prime example: the elegant aluminium profiles in metal colour matt, crystal white matt and slate grey matt. SENTINO 3000 is a treat for the eyes. And a stylish choice for your living room.

* The SENTINO 3000 living-room range is only available from selected retail partners.
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The wrap-around glass doors reveal the real wood veneer rear panel and look like an upside-down "L".

Feels incredibly good: SENTINO 3000 impresses at first glance with its superbly crafted lacquer finish.

Give accessories the perfect setting: with the right LED mood lighting.

Choice materials exquisitely combined: transparent glass, elegant aluminium profiles, high-quality real wood veneer.

Particularly smooth, easy-action opening and closing: the SENTINO 3000 drawer.

Choose your very own personal dream combination of glass display cabinets flooded with light and indirectly illuminated wall panels.
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