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What would you like? Sideboard or highboard? Display cabinet or TV unit? Shelf or wall unit? Or all of them at the same time? If you are seriously interested in high-quality living room furniture, you are sure to find what you are looking for somewhere. And you will certainly soon come up against limits: in terms of budget. Welcome to the furniture manufacturer that does exactly that differently: Venjakob.

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A strong ensemble:
the Venjakob collections

The best materials, the best workmanship: the Venjakob furniture ranges impress with their variety and fascinating design options. Opt for furnishings as if from a single mould and choose exactly the living programme that suits you - from albero to v-plus 3000.

All living programmes

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Whichever living room collection you choose: In any case, you are choosing a living room furniture programme that is sustainably manufactured in all aspects. Our wood chips? Heat the entire company as pellets. The lighting? Maximum energy-saving throughout the company. And how does your home furnishing programme get to the dealer? With Venjakob truckers who are specially trained in environmentally friendly driving. The result: first-class home furnishings with a good conscience.

Always a perfect fit:
the Venjakob coffee tables

More choice is hardly possible: Matching the Venjakob furniture programmes, the Venjakob coffee tables offer a special variety with regard to design and materials. Choose from round, oval and angular models, go for attractive combinations of wood and glass or opt for particularly easy-care surfaces made of stone. Our coffee table portfolio gives you every freedom. Only one thing is certain: you will find the perfectly matching coffee table here!

side table 4632
coffee table 4542
coffee table 4541
side table 4540
coffee table 4420
coffee table 4343
coffee table 4610
coffee table 4611
side table 4612
coffee table 4759
coffee table 4630
side table 4004
side table 4133
coffee table 4134
coffee table 4135
coffee table 4138
coffee table rectangle | Coppa
coffee table 4902
coffee table square | Coppa
coffee table 4946-47 | Rio
coffee table 4944-45 | Rio
coffee table 4367
coffee table 4940-43 | Rio
coffee table round | Coppa
coffee table 4788
coffee table triangular | Coppa
coffee table oval | Coppa
coffee table 4903
coffee table 4766
side table 4010
coffee table 4789
side table 4013
coffee table 4340
coffee table 4423
side table 4012
coffee table 8026
coffee table 8024
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