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The new culture of living takes time – and design is no exception. PLAN X6 has perfected this art – with a modern twist. What particularly sets this range apart is its metal elements and painted anthracite matt or crystal white matt surfaces, which provide a thrilling contrast with the natural wood. The pieces in the X6 range can be chosen and arranged to suit your individual taste and space. There are lots of different combinations and stand-alone pieces to choose from, including sideboards, highboards and display cabinets. Ultimately, only two things really matter: you and your taste.

Discover endless possibilities for enhancing your home with high-quality materials, elegant design and unique accents. Whether it’s in the living room or the dining room – PLAN X6 offers the perfect combination of design and function. Be inspired and find your own individual style. PLAN X6: DESIGN FOR LIFE

Live like you’re on cloud nine. Delicate, but not girly – we’ve got that down to an art. In the unconventional PLAN X6 designs, our designers put a modern twist on traditional craftsmanship.
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Add a stylish, cosy and elegant touch to your dining room – with anthracite matt. PLAN X6 allows you to design your dining room to suit your individual taste. Anthracite matt is perfect for any style and any mood. Whether you opt for a light or dark table, anthracite matt will provide a perfect contrast or a harmonious tone-in-tone look. Whatever you choose – crystal white or anthracite matt – PLAN X6 makes every dining room truly delectable.
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The simple handles in a painted crystal white matt or anthracite matt finish underscore the pared-back design.

The metal frames are painted in anthracite matt or crystal white matt to match the fronts.

X6 provides plenty of space for your personal items — so you can keep them neatly tidied away but close at hand.

The original beauty of nature is in our DNA. To showcase this beauty, we are constantly developing our craft. With perfect lighting technology – naturally.

When used with finesse in the right place, light can have an almost magical effect on the atmosphere – and with PLAN X6, you can even create this effect with a convenient remote dimmer.

The wonderfully unique, elegant PLAN X6 highboard is the perfect place to show off your style: Display all the little, personal things that are important to you at eye level.
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We inform you about Venjakob living and dining rooms, extendable tables and our convenient range of chairs.

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chair LANI* 0462
chair LIV* 2031
chair + armchair LILLI 3000* 2881
dining table PUH* ET352
dining table SAM* ET262
dining table MIO PLUS* ET236
coffee table ELBA* 4902


* The model names are not a brand name, but an order indicator to distinguish the individual products in our collection.

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